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Mock Site Inspections

Once a facility has applied for accreditation or re-accreditation, it will then undergo a site inspection performed by a metabolic and bariatric surgeon surveyor, and you will want to make sure your program is well prepared.

Is your bariatric program due for a renewal inspection? Has your program undergone a change in key staff? Do you need assurance that your program is on the right track towards achieving/maintaining accreditation? The world of bariatric accreditation is at the peak of great complexity, but the expert advisors at HEA are available to explain the current accreditation environment and perform a thorough inspection of your program, determining its readiness for the actual inspection.

Bariatric ProgramHEA’s team of expert advisors will perform a complete bariatric surgery program assessment. The advisors will evaluate your program based on current accreditation requirements, identify any areas of deficiency, and use the results to help your program plan for the future.

Key elements of an HEA mock site inspection:

  • Designed to mirror the actual surgeon-led site inspection and follows the same agenda.
  • A written report will be provided to note deficiencies, highlight best practices, and offer recommendations.
  • It is recommended that mock site inspections be scheduled four to six months in advance of the site survey. This will allow for sufficient time to make changes if necessary.
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