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MBSCR Staffing

Standard 2.4 requires employment of a certified MBSCR for accreditation.

Standard 2.4 of the MBSAQIP standards requires each bariatric program to employ a Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Clinical Reviewer (MBSCR). The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons and the American College of Surgeons published hiring recommendations for the MBSCR position:

“This position is unique and quite unlike the role of any other chart abstractor or quality improvement personnel. Our experience has been that sites that select the right candidate and encourage the applicant to fully explore the position prior to formally accepting it will recruit and retain a top notch MBSCR.”

Bariatric ProgramHEA offers both short-term and permanent MBSCR staffing, ensuring data entry and consistent compliance with MBSAQIP standards during staff transition periods.

Maintenance of MBSCR certification is required.

        “The MBSCR should be an individual with appropriate clinical knowledge and expertise to collect the required data.”-Standard 2.4

Bariatric ProgramHEA will provide your facility with an RN/LPN who is:

  • A certified MBSCR
  • Experienced in data abstraction, quality improvement, and the accreditation process
  • Willing to participate in staff training
  • HIPAA trained

Bariatric ProgramContracting out the MBSCR position is the most cost effective way to fulfill this MBSAQIP requirement.

Bariatric ProgramHEA’s MBSCR services:

  • Will save your facility money and allow you to utilize valuable financial resources in other areas.
  • Eliminate the need to hire an FTE and pay benefits associated with his/her employment
  • Provide you with a certified nurse/LPN
  • Remove concern over turnover, costs of training/re-training, etc.

All metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures must be entered into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform in a timely manner.

“Data entry to the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform is time sensitive and it is the responsibility of the MBSCR to ensure that case and follow-up data are entered into the platform within prescribed data entry timeframes.” –Standard 2.4

“High quality data is critical to inform quality improvement and determine accreditation.”

-Standard 6

Bariatric ProgramHEA MBSCRs will:

  • Enter 100% of all bariatric surgical procedures performed at your facility.
  • Perform data abstraction from the medical record so that bias in data entry is eliminated and the program remains in compliance with current bariatric accreditation standards.
  • Perform quality assurance checks on abstracted data to ensure accurate and timely data entry
  • Successfully manage the new data-focused MBSAQIP site inspections.
  • Assist with Quality Improvement projects, serving as excellent resources to the bariatric program.
  • Offer consistency and structure within your program
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